Veggie Garden Update – The Green Things Are Growing!

20190414_083615_0001.pngHi friends! It’s high time for a new post. I went on a short vacation, and I was a Very Bad Blogger and didn’t get some posts done for you before I left… sorry about that. How about an update on the vegetable garden(s)?

The last time I talked about any of the gardens, the only images you got were these:

First Spring Garden pictures

Guess what? The green things did what green things do, and they grew! We finished planting all of our plants and seeds a few days ago. It’s a job, y’all. My fingers hurt (and so does my back, but that makes me feel old, so let’s not talk about that, mkay?). Man, is it ever exciting when you see everything happily planted and beautifully green though.

I thought I’d give you a bit of a virtual tour, and tell you what I’m growing this year. Also, everyone enjoys talking about the successes and victories. I want to tell you about the hard stuff, too. The hard stuff is how you learn! So, without further delay, here’s the official 2019 Veggie Garden Tour!

First off is our main garden.

Tomatoes, Peppers, Squashes and Melons

This bed is about 15’x45′. As I’ve discussed previously, we use a no till approach. Very few weeds (except on the edges – you can see some marsh violets there on the front edge), super rich in nutrients, loose soil and it holds moisture perfectly. We are growing melons – cantaloupe and watermelon – and winter squashes – various pumpkins and butternut squash – on the big cattle panels in the back. Instead of having vines take up half of the garden, they climb the panels. When you see fruit, you use scrap fabric and tie a sling under the fruit to support it as it grows. This also helps with disease and fungus, because it keeps the vines up off of perpetually hot, damp soil. We have about 40 tomato plants in here, as well. Yes, that’s a lot. I haven’t purchased a tomato from a store in at least 10 years, so the tomatoes I grow or get from the farmer’s market are the only tomatoes we eat all year… so we stuff our faces with tomatoes all summer. We have mostly paste or dual purpose varieties, because they’re so much more versatile, but I think we ended up with 10 slicers. Guys, I lose my mind over the scent of tomato plants. I have no shame. I will stick my face straight in a plant… heaven. Next is peppers, and I think we have about 40 of those, as well. We have about a dozen bell peppers, and we have pimentos, bananas, pimento de padron, shishito, banana, cherry and cayenne. I think I may pick up either a jalapeno or a poblano, as well. Finally (in this bed) we have bush squashes (still seeds). Round zucchini, yellow straightneck, patty pan, and my favorite, bush buttercup.

Next up, my newest veggie bed, which right now I’m calling my Spring Garden.

The spring garden bed is 5’x20′, and again we use a no till method. From left to right, we have several rows of lettuce, spinach, 2 varieties of kale, and some sugar snap peas growing in the back on another cattle panel (love those things!).

Again, left to right we have bok choy (which my cats helpfully scattered for me immediately after I planted), swiss chard, mustard greens, and lots of carrots. We’ve already taken several cuttings off of most of the greens, and I have some hard core thinning to do here. Things are super happy, though.

And last up for this bed we have turnips, 3 different types of radishes, green onions, garlic, and some cucumbers growing on the tan trellis in back. You may have noticed the bushes in the first and last pictures. I have blueberry bushes on either end of the 40′ long bed, and 2 in the very middle, which separate the medicinal herb bed from the spring garden.

Next up, new additions! We dug out some old planters that had awful dirt in them, and filled them up with new rich, organic soil. We decided to plant asparagus and artichokes in them! I’ve wanted to do this for years, and I couldn’t be more excited.

New Additions

Finally, we have the strawberry patch. Yeah, they’re not veggies, but they are summer produce so I’m sticking them in here anyway. We amended the bed pretty heavily a month or so ago, and the strawberries are pretty pleased. Most of the 50 plants have about doubled in size, and they’re loaded with fruit already. Yay!

So there you have it! The 2019 garden is officially a go. I hope you’ll check back for more updates as the season progresses. Keep your eyes peeled for an herb garden update in the next few days, too!

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